The Baku sphere

•July 20, 2009 • Leave a Comment

During the holidays I got a Bakugan sphere or a Baku sphere I have one of each atribute; Which are the Latin ones Subterra:earth, Aquos:water, Ventus:wind, Darkus:darkness, Haos:light and Pyros:fire. I have 2 Ventus and 3 Pyros though. The actual sphere is pyros and I also have 1 trap Which lets you change attributes. I am thinking of getting 3 bakugans and 1 trap for each attribute and I just learned how to put spin on a Bakugan so you can get around a card to get to a different one.


New watch

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A few days ago I got this awesome watch, the brand is classique. It is worth $275.00. My Dad gave it to me, but he gave it to my brother Aiden first but he asked Dad how much it costs… Dad said he couldn’t sell it, and then I asked if I could have it, so now I have it. Later on Dad told Mum and she said that was so millenial because that’s our generation.

Lost and found

•April 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

If you have seen my older posts you might have seen my pets. Well on Sunday there was a big, raging storm and it knocked the hutch over and our pets escaped. It was devestating. We found Target easily, she stayed around the grass, but Cookie and Smiggs both hid in the big bushes. It took us half a day to get Smiggs back. We tried to bait her with carrot. Then we tried to cut off her exit and get her to run one way or the other then we caught her, I was sooooooooo happy we got her back. I still thought we couldn’t get Cookie back, it took a while to get her but this time we knew what to do. We also cut her off and when we caught her she pee’d herself. I didn’t care because we got all our furry friends back. I was sooooooooooo glad.

Homework // Rowan of Rin Lego movie

•March 28, 2009 • 4 Comments

Today I finished my Rowan Of Rin homework, check it out!

Tell me what you think in the comments section…

Noughts and boxes

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My Mum made a little box that you can play noughts and crosses with. She made it with wood and you can fit marbles in it it’s very very very cool. Mum and I always play with it. She made it in year 7 at her school, it was made 1983. That’s a long time before now . Mum said she was the best at making things with wood.

Cool aeroplane

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I was watching Prototype This and they used an awesome remote controlled plane. It’s yellow and has propeller on the front. I really want one they are soooooooooooo cool and fly very very well.

Rowan of Rin movie

•March 22, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I am making a Lego Rowan of Rin movie for my homework. I have built the models and taken all of the photos. There are about 60 of them! All we have to do now is edit it with Moviemaker.

The scene is from one of the end chapters. It’s Rowan and Strong Jonn climbing through a tunnel then they get out, sit down and talk for a bit. Rowan offers Strong Jonn a drink and they start talking again. Strong Jonn tries to go to sleep, Rowan tries to wake him up. Strong Jonn tells Rowan something and then falls asleep.

This is better homework than writing out spelling words and maths!

Here I am looking for the pieces I needed. Aiden helped me a bit.

Here I am looking for the pieces I needed. Aiden helped me a bit.